Health Care Management


Disease specific care & remote monitoring

Real-time signal analysis & alert for normal/emergency conditions

Cardiac care, Epilepsy & Hyper tension

Integrated Sensor devices (portable ECG, EEG, BP monitor, etc)

Digital Body temperature Monitoring (Non Mercury)

Elder Care Mangement

24X7 monitoring of body vitals

Cardiac care, Epilepsy & Hyper tension

Integrated appliance control for manageability.

Early detection of unusual activity/inactivity conditions

Clinical Asset Management

Supports entire Asset life cycle for assets such as wheel chairs, physiotherapy equipment, oxygen cylinders etc

RFID to identify and track Clinical assets

Track assets assigned to care taskers/paitents

Ambulance & Attender/clinician

Alerts on violation

Track Ambulance, alert traffic jam

Alert to hospital on Ambulance arrival.

Book & Manage Attender/clinician

GPS based location tracking for presence check of the attender


On Time consulation & diagnosis

Wait time reduction to consult doctors

Effective self monitoring techniques

Increased operational efficiency to staffs

Easy &on time access to ambulances