Event Management

For Corporates

Simplified one touch NFC / RFID based event management

Social Media integration support or event marketing & brand building

Somprehensive reports to enhance post event delegates experience.

An engaging execu􀆟on to ensure repeat event management.

Event management solu􀆟on for managing corporate event with a clear impact ont.

    Delegates engagement
    Excitement during events
    Event marketing and updates on social media

Return On Investments(ROI)

Customer Engagement

Brand Recognition

Leads Generation

Customer footall

Social media integration - Global Visibilty

For Event Management Companies

Automate / authenticate attendee registration

Length of Stay

Hot Spots

Manage VIP access processing

Attendee Identificatio.

Eliminate counterfeit pass / ticket problems

Capture data for analysis

Corporate Events

Conferences and Seminars

Business development

Product launches

Executive visits

Lead generation

Residential conferences

Briefing sessions

Road shows

Channel events

Awards functions

Industry association events

Academic Events

Conferences and Seminars

Award functions

Annual Gatherings


Children’s / Teacher’s Day

Parent’s Day

General Events

Conference and seminars



Marriages / Receptions

Admissions / Recruitment

Birthday / Valentine / New Year