Asset Management


Asset Life Cycle Management

Data Acquisition:- Data importing, Key performance Indicator, Dynamic messages

Implement / Assign:- Property pass RFID engine, Asset Tracking

Reporting:- Reports Designer, Remote Data Collection, Geo Fence Zones

Maintenance:- Work order generation, Tooltips customiza˘Çćčon, Plug in manager

Disposal:- Asset retirement, Depreciation calculators


Proactively identify assets for acquisition / deployments / return removal

Proactive resolution of incidents based on consolidated asset and incident information

Improve asset utilization and productivity

Minimize equipment rental costs

Reduce loss due to theft or misplacement

Adherence to the safety standards related to the equipment operations thereby reducing accidents

Automated discovery of on site and off site assets

Standard report

Solutions Offered

MIS data for making profitability decisions of the asset / equipment

Unified platform for asset visibility and monitoring

Web portal & Mobile App to various stake holder.


Campus management

Employee tracking and attendence

Library automation

Warehouse management

IT asset tracking and monitoring

Records / documents tracking and monitoring


Govt Organizations

Large enterprises